Moab – Revisiting Old Places

By the time I turned 20 and moved away from Utah, I found the dry climate, red rock and high desert environments here to be dull. I wasn’t interested in venturing to Moab, Utah, because I needed something different.

In life I’ve always craved diversity and contrast.Β 

I think we all get bored with the environments we are used to. The beauty easily dulled by familiarity.

With a shift in perspective and after spending nearly a decade exploring the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, I was able to fall in love with Moab, Utah’s landscape– really for the first time.

On a weekend trip in June, I got lost in a remote, golden desert between Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley, attended my sister’s wedding in Arches National Park and explored the eclectic desert city of Moab, Utah.

It was pretty magical.

It has me rethinking other places that I was less than enthused about visiting during my childhood in Utah.






Moab, Utah Top Recommendations

Area Destinations:


Arches National Park

Goblin Valley

Capitol Reef National Park

Canyonlands National Park

What to do:

Mountain Biking

River Rafting




Rock Climbing

Sight Seeing

Where to eat:

The Spoke on Center

Castle Creek Winery

Peace Tree Cafe

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