About Me


Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.



A little about me: I am a content creator at Zillow. I am also a first year MFA student at Oregon State. My side gig is Harvest Moon Flora. Utah is where I am from and Oregon is home.



Tall pines and cloudy skies make me feel at home. Naturally, the Pacific Northwest environment suits me well.


I try to get out and explore as much as possible, if not on my own, then often with my husband, Michael, and our dog, Phil Collins at my side. Occasionally we even bring along our cat, Stevie Nicks. Nature plays a significant role in my life. It is a source of calm and connection in a world that often feels chaotic. Recently, I have become more vocal and take any opportunity I can to advocate for the preservation of open spaces and small scale agricultural practices.


 When I’m not writing or out wandering in the woods, I can typically be found curled up with a book, binging on podcasts or online news feeds, attempting to be a yogi, or trying to reconnect with my Scandinavian roots through the art of baking.


 Feel free to contact me with questions or collaboration inquiries. I would love to chat. 

 Email: lindymcallahan@gmail.com

Instagram/Twitter: @lindymcallahan

Writing/Content Marketing


Most of my freelance editorial work focuses on regional travel and lifestyle, art, feminism and books.


I have created content for brands including Zillow Group and Altrec, as well as boutique creative agencies and a variety of lifestyle and green beauty brands. I also contribute regularly to travel and lifestyle publications including Travel Oregon, Cascade Journal, Bend Lifestyle Magazine and Women Who Explore.


You can take a look at some of my writing clips here.