5 Tips For Staying Motivated

Finding success is often simply the difference between continuing to work hard despite occasional lulls in progress or instead giving up in frustration.

The hardest things for me lately are trying to blog more consistently and to establish a daily writing routine. I always have all of these ideas floating around, and I know if I don’t make myself sit down, and get it all out, it will end there. You have to work towards the things you want while you can. Life is short. So aside from just being more patient in general, these are the things that I do and the things I remind myself, in order to stay on track and attain my goals.

  1. Shift focus: If you are working at something and can’t seem to figure it out, or something just seems to be missing take a break. Go work on something else or just read a book. Relax. Sometimes all you need is a mental break from the work, then you can come back and reassess it with fresh eyes and no frustration. Because lets face it, if you are always working at something and you remember it stressed you out previously, you are less likely to want to work on it again the next day.
  1. Trust the Process: It often takes time to do something well. Let things take their course and form naturally. You don’t want to rush something to completion anyway, just to look back on it later and know you could have taken your time and done better.
  1. Set time aside to work: When you are as busy as I am, it is hard to remember everything you have going on at once, just off the top of your head. It always helps me to have time set aside in the day, or even just once in the week, to work on a certain project. For instance, I set aside an hour for my writing every night, whether that be my blog or another piece I am working on. Even if it is just ten minutes, that is better than no time at all. You have to actually do something to make something happen, right? There you go. Get to it.
  1. Remember the good feeling: Think of how good it felt the last time you reached a big goal. I bet you were ecstatic and incredibly proud of yourself. That feeling can keep you going even in the worst of times. The next time you get that feeling make a special note of it for future reference.
  1. Make time for other things: Don’t forget to set aside some time for having fun of even for doing nothing but watching some good old Netflix. You need your rest and down time, otherwise you will get burnt out.




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